Get a Commonwealth passport in under 3 months and starting at $150,000.

Become a global citizen

As a global citizen thriving and living in a borderless world, a passport to St. Kitts & Nevis is an investment into your and family's future for generations to come. Begin your journey and download our second passport factsheet by sharing your information.

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Why choose St. Kitts & Nevis?

Global citizenship through investment is a well-established and growing norm amongst the high net worth individuals who gain multiple benefits of global mobility, high investment returns, tax planning and return benefits and of course peace of mind for their families and future generations.

We know that becoming a global citizen is a decision that is more than an investment rationale, it comes from a multi-layered analysis and the advice of a trusted advisor and service provider.

As a leading service provide for the world’s oldest second passport program, at Naseba we are delighted to facilitate, guide and empower your decision to be part of our growing family of global citizens

Advantages of a St. Kitts & Nevis passport

Global mobility

Visa free access to more than 160 countries worldwide including most of the developed nations of the world.


Get an irrevocable second passport and citizenship which gives you and your family tremendous peace of mind especially in troubled times.


Do business in your host country and St. Kitts & Nevis and travel freely with visa free access to the world.

Tax management

As a business man or entrepreneur a second passport allows you to more effectively manage your income and assets while optimizing you tax structure and there is no tax on your worldwide income.


Dependent children 30 years and under and parents and grandparents over the age of 55 are included.


Get access to one of the best healthcare systems in the world.

The power of St Kitts & Nevis passport combined with your passport


Enter your nationality

No of visa-free


Passport of

St Kitts & Nevis

No of visa-free


Get the maximum return for your investment

Get your second passport and get a guaranteed buy-back of your investment after 5 years. As a government approved real estate project on the dual-island country of St. Kitts and Nevis, it is one of very few developments on the island that is 50% complete.

More than 220 passports have been issued through Tamarind Cove Marina Village. Naseba is the exclusive worldwide marketing and process agent for the Tamarind Cove Marina Village.

Tamarind Cove Marina Village

To be operated by a luxury beach club brand, the resort offers privileges at every turn with preferred access to the yacht club, members-only yacht and aviation services, and oceanfront gourmet dining and shopping.

The Residence at Tamarind Cove offers a luxurious lifestyle with the most exclusive residence in St. Kitts & Nevis.  The 138-unit hotel and residence complex features a mix of one and two bedroom units with superb waterfront views from private verandas. The development is a Citizenship by Investment approved project by the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.


  • A 138 unit residential and hotel complex

  • Three restaurants

  • A yacht club

  • A Monte Carlo style private member's club

  • A boat chandlery

  • Retail shops - jewelry, wine and clothing

  • Cafes

  • Conference facility

  • 4 swimming pools

  • Water sports facilities

  • Charter boat services

  • 2 helipads

  • Beach access on both sides of the Marina

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Investment summary


Government donation

Donation$150,000 (for a family of 4)

Asset ownership No

Time to citizenship 6 months

Projected exit value No

Profit No



3-6 months



Real estate investment

Investment $400,000

Asset ownership Yes

Time to citizenship 6 months

Projected exit value $400,000

Profit 0



3-6 months



Real estate investment



Asset ownershipYes

Time to citizenshipYes

Exit value$600,000 (Guaranteed)




3 months



We also offer customised investment packages. Please get in touch to know more.

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Your investment timeline


Invest in a preferential share for $200,000 + $80,000 in government and processing fees.

Once you have made the investment, you will be eligible to apply for citizenship. All funds will be held in an escrow account licensed by the government, until your application for citizenship is approved.


Obtain pre-approval for citizenship.

The application process takes between 2-3 months. If for any reason your application is rejected, you will be reimbursed your invested amount minus $8,000 in application processing fees, giving you $272,000 back.

Once you receive the pre-approval, an additional $200,000 is invested on your behalf to complete the share purchase worth $400,000 to qualify for the CBI programme.

You will not be required to pay anything as it???s counterbalanced by a $200,000 leaseback. Thereafter, it takes approximately one more month to receive your citizenship certificate and passport.

5 Years

Opportunity to resell your asset.

After holding your investment for 5 years, you may resell your share.